XD Design Bobby – The Best Designed Anti-theft Bag

XD Design Bobby – The Best Designed Anti-theft Bag

XD Design is a well experienced design company from the Netherlands. This Dutch Design brand runs offices all over the world for more than 30 now. Thus, it is guaranteed that their products are the best for their customers. Furthermore, they always consider customers’ comfort the best.

One of XD Design’s most famous products is none other than the infamous anti-thief backpack called “Bobby”, the backpack that is claimed to be the world’s finest anti-theft backpack. It has such features to ward off pickpocket action that is rampant in public facilities such as trains, buses, and so on so if you are a commuter or a traveler, this backpack will be very useful for you.

bobby backpack

bobby backpack

The name Bobby itself is taken from the name of the British police logo that inspired this backpack. Being the best anti-theft solution, there are many other advantages you can get when you have one of these XD Desigh backpacks.

  1. XD Design’s Bobby is Basically Suitable for Everyone

This sophisticated backpack is suitable for traveling lovers. However, this bag can be used not only by travelers, but also people of big cities. The inner side of the backpack is very sturdy and with the XD-Design backpack weighs 850 grams, and it can fit up to 13L of contents, which lets you carry a laptop up to 15.6” and many other things altogether such as a camera since there is also a camera compartment inside the bag which allows those who are photographers to keep their DSLR in this Dutch Design brand backpack.

anti theft backpack

The large compartment will allow the camera and lens placed safely and perfectly inside the bag, whether with or without camera protection on it. The laptop compartment is also very soft that will not cause scratches on your laptop. But not only suitable for professionals, the anti-theft backpack is also suitable for school and college students. Even with a laptop and tablet inside, you will still have a lot of space for your books. The Bobby Bizz also has an easy accessible pocket in the shoulder strap. The anti-slip material has been used to prevent card from falling out the pocket.

  1. Everything about It Means Comfort

You can stop worrying about having such a heavy weight though. Bobby was created with such a weight balance design where you will not feel tired when carrying goods in the bag. This design is claimed to provide comfort to the spine as if the weight of the load disappeared 20-25%.

The padding you can find on the back side of the Bobby backpack is also really comfortable and soft that one will not even feel that he has got a backpack with him. It is also the same with the straps. The straps feel really firm, but they also feel comfortable. This will be really helpful particularly when you are carrying a lot of things with you inside the backpack. Also, with Bobby, everything is handy and easy to get to because of all the pockets.

  1. Safety is a Definite Idea

That Bobby Backpack bag made with cut proof material and equipped with hidden zipper and secret bag that makes it completely safe when in public place, especially for commuters, is already known. What is even a better surprise is that this XD Design backpack also offers night security, thus it is very great for those of who usually travel by bike at night. There are many cases of accidents involving bike users over the years.

Now, you can rest assured as XD’s Bobby’s bag also comes with LED lights that will turn on automatically in the dark with a light distance of up to 100 meters. With this, the cyclist will not need to worry about visibility anymore. The anti-theft backpack is also equipped with glowing strips at the back of the backpack and on its sides to make sure that all vehicles on the road spot the cyclist while travelling.

anti theft bag

  1. You Don’t need to Worry about not Being Stylish

The build quality of the XD Design backpack is very attractive. XD Design is indeed a great design company. From the zippers, to the laptop compartment, everything is very solid but also very smooth at the same time. From the fabric used on both sides of the bag to one used on the straps, all feel very soft and smooth. Although smooth, the straps are really solid just like the handle so you don’t need to worry about its comfort. The options of its elegant colors also highlight the appearance of this excellent backpack.

This backpack is also made from waterproof material, resistant to scratches, has a zipper and a hidden bag, and a USB Charger. Furthermore, the Bobby backpack has a USB output on the right side which allows the users to charge their device. The charging port is perfect and the small ‘hidden’ pockets are great and a time-saver! There are indeed many hidden pockets inside, it feels like one can stuff anything to the bag since it is very spacious. However, don’t be afraid that Bobby will appear too huge for you. It is design in such a proper size that will fit perfectly for any occasions.

Besides since the backpack prioritizes safety and comfort, XD Design team has created the bag from such a water-repellent fabric. If you accidently spill coffee on it, for example, you just need to clean the spillage with either dry or wet cloth. No liquid will be able to enter into the bag and damage the contents.

bobby bag

If you’re looking for a clean and really functional backpack, you don’t need to search any further. With this Bobby backpack, you will not be concerned any more about using a backpack in a crowded space because you know that nobody besides you can access your stuff. You don’t have to worry about your belongings while wearing the Bobby backpack. Everything is solid and made to last a lifetime, which is the case with everything in this backpack. Check out the collection of the awesome anti-theft backpacks here.

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