XD Design Bag

Bag is an essential thing for our life, otherwise we cannot carry what we need. In fact, each person would have more than two or three bags. Bag has also been the part of fashion since long ago. And that sometimes what makes a bag’s beauty is more important that its use. Fortunately, there is a bag you can count on now, which is Bobby Backpack.

Unlike other bags, Bobby Backpack is an XD design bag. Same as other XD design products which are designed to give the user best experience when using it, a Bobby Backpack is also designed to enhance the quality of bag user experience. Not just that, a Bobby Backpack also meet the solutions needed by the culture. Why?

Pickpocketing, unsurprisingly has been there since the very first time of human existing in the world. And the number is just always increasing from time to time. Each day about 400,000 pick pocket incidents happen in the world, and mostly the incidents happen in the city where people’s mobility is extra busy during the rush hour, especially in public places or transportation.

XD Design Backpack

For your example, of all the numbers of pick pocket incidents in London, 63% of it happens in British Rail Network. In New York, at least 3,000 pick pocket incidents reported in a month, not to mention the non-reported ones! In Barcelona, each day pick pocket incidents happen to about 3 tourists a day. The number is even bigger in Shanghai that people often wearing their backpacks in front of their body, so they can protect their goods from being stolen.

But Thomas, the designer of this Bobby Backpack sees this phenomenon differently. He thought that a bag should be used to keep our goods and belongings safely. Bag is the one that should protect our belongings, not us who has to protect the bag. He understood the need of having an anti-theft bag, and that was just the beginning of this XD design bag.

Being the part of XD Design, a dutch company, Thomas with the team created a bag that its name inspired from London Police Force. Why London? Because it is one of the biggest city with busiest commuter in the world and hoping that Bobby Backpack can replace the real police, that everyone will have their own personal officer to protect their belongings.

But how can a bag become such an anti-theft product?

The secret lies behind the secret zipper. While on most bags you can see clearly where the zippers are located, you can not do the same with Bobby Backpack. This Bobby xd design backpack makes the zipper behind the back that any thief can not figure out how to open it quickly. But if the thief can not, can you?

Yes, because this XD Design bag does not only mean to secure your goods but also enhance your experience wearing the bag. The bag is easy for you to open from your direction. In fact, it has card pocket where you can keep in and out your public transportation or money card easily. Even after you put this backpack off and there is a time for a thief to “explore” your bag, Bobby Backpack has secret pockets in the bottom back and side of it. You can keep your phone, passport, wallet, or other vital goods there safely.

XD Design Backpack Cheap

And how many goods can you store in this bag? With 450 mm height, 300 mm width, and 165 mm depth, your laptop, camera, water bottle, notebooks, power bank, jacket, phone, wallet, and others will fit perfectly here since Bobby Backpack is designed to have big content. To store your belongings or take it off, you can open the bag in three ways. First, open it 30 degrees to slip your hand in and take something. Second, open it to 90 degrees to get perfect accessibility while standing the bag on something. Third, open it 180 degrees to prepare Bobby Backpack to the fullest while laying in on a surface.

But with so many belongings, fortunately you will not feel heavy at all. As an XD design bag, Bobby Backpack is meant to relief the weight to lean closely to your back, making it feels 20% to 25% less weight. If you put your belongings based on the instruction, it can even be ligter! And, of course, wave good bye to any shoulder and waist pain.

Enhancing the quality of experience when using a bag is the purpose of this XD design bag. Thus, there are some features you could not find in any other bags.

Bobby Backpack comes with cut proof pp protection board in the inside. It is layered with 300D/600D fabric material both top and bottom and 6 mm anti-shock foam between those two. It is also water resistant, anti-sweat, and air permeability. The zipper is YKK’s one that you will not find any damage as long as you use it.

To keep you safer at night, the Bobby Backpack is equipped with illumination bar. It is round shaped with 360 degrees (no dead angles) which make it can be seen from any direction within 100 metres. Cycling and walking in the dark never been this safe before!

Planning to travel with Bobby Backpack? Of course, you can! Do not have to worry about wearing it forever. When you are tired just attach it to your suitcase. The elastic bandage on the bag of this back is meant to do it.

anti theft bag

Plus, it is equipped with USB external charging. Just put your power bank in the slot provided inside the bag, pull of the cable through a hole outside, and connect your phone. Do not have to bother by bringing your extra heavy powerbank everywhere!

See? Thanks to this XD design bag our mobility experience will never be bad again. The solution to all of your problem is here. Being safe? Check. Being high-tech? Check. Being fashionable? Oh, did we mention that Bobby Backpack comes in many colors? Check them out now!