What Makes Bobby Theft Proof Backpack Different from Ordinary Backpacks

What Makes Bobby Theft Proof Backpack Different from Ordinary Backpacks

Are you looking for a backpack? If you do, we highly recommend you to buy Bobby theft proof backpack. This is not simply an item that we can compare with other regular ones. As you can see from its name, this bag is specially designed to prevent theft or pickpocket. Here we will provide some more information about it so you can see its difference with ordinary bags.

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  1. It Protects Your Goods

Since it is Bobby theft proof backpack, you can expect to find a lot of features from this product that will help the owners to avoid theft. One of them is the YKK zippers. The zippers of the bag are well-hidden. Except for the owners, it will be a difficult task for other people to find them. It is not that easy to search them on hands either. Therefore, your goods will stay safe and secure in the inside.


Besides the zippers, there are some pockets on the bag which are also hidden. These pockets are perfect to keep your small stuff like cards, passport, wallet, phone, etc. Despite of being hidden, it is quite easy to access them with no troubles at all. You even can do it without taking off your bag. Of course the easiness is only valid for the owners. Whereas for other people, it is impossible to do it without being noticed.


What if someone try to cut open the bag to steal our stuff? No need to worry for that because this bag uses special material. It is designed with 300D/600D polyester. It is also combined with PP protection board. It aims to enhance the cut-proof ability on the front and sides of the bag. Thus, it is not that simple for thieves to cut open your bag just like that.

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  1. It Ensures Safety for Road Trips

Some people often do road trips at night. We all know that night is a dangerous time to go outside, especially when you are alone. By wearing this bag, we can provide ourselves a night security. It all thanks to the reflective stripes on the back and sides. These stripes will reflex at night time. Since all stripes are installed in 360° with no dead angles, they are visible enough even within 100m. That makes this bag perfect for bikers.


  1. Made of Special Materials

Previously, we have learned that Bobby backpack is from thick polyester to make it cut-proof. Besides that, there are other types of material used for this bag. And, each material has their own speciality. The first one is the 6mm foam between the layers. This foam works as an anti-shock feature. It aims to muffle the impact when your bag accidentally falls to the ground. As a result, your electronic device like laptop will not experience a serious damage and still safe to use.


Besides anti-shock material, the XD Design backpack uses water resistant/anti sweat material with air permeability. The front as well as bottom of the bag are made of re-used PU material which offers water-repellent function. So, do not worry about rain or other water accidents. You only need to wipe it out once with a cloth, and your bag will look clean like new again.

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This bag also uses multilayer material with anti-sweat function. That material is combined with air permeability due to 20-mm spongy layer. This combination will make the bag comfortable enough to wear even during summer. Your sweat will not be absorbed into the bag.


  1. Rich of Features

When we use ordinary bag, there is nothing special about it. We can only utilize it to carry some stuff. There is no other features at all. In contrast, Bobby backpack has plenty of them which you will find to come in handy for daily use. The first one is the USB external charging port. Whenever you need to charge your phone, you can simply use the bag. Just connect the powerbank from the inside. Then, connect your device to the external port for charging. This surely helps us a lot since it is the era when most people are using smartphone or tablet.


The second feature is the weight balance. In ordinary backpack, some people often complain about how the bags hurt their shoulders, back, or waist. Bobby is different. It is specially designed to relieve the weight burdening us. Due to the mechanism of the compartment, the bag leans closely to your back. The bag will feel 20-25% lighter.


Speaking of compartment, every single one of them adapts humanized design. It means the bag fits things like laptop, books, umbrella, etc. You can organize them neatly instead of putting them in just like that. Furthermore, there are 3 ways of opening you can pick to access the inside. The options are based on the angle (i.e. 30°, 90°, and 180°). On the back of the bag, there is an elastic bandage. You can use it to attach the bag on the suitcase so you do not have to carry it anymore.


  1. Perfect for Everyone

Bobby backpack is suitable for any purposes. It is perfect for those who often bring laptop, books, documents, pens, or even DSLR camera. That allows you to wear it to school or college. It can also be a great companion for travelers and businessmen.


  1. It Is Stylish

This bag brings style to us with its simple yet stylish design. In addition, it is available in a wide variety of colors such as mint green, gray, black, pastel blue, red, and many more. What you only need to do is to pick the one that can express yourself better.


So, what do you think about Bobby theft proof backpack? It surely seems amazing, right? If you are interested to have one, then come and buy it right now. With this Bobby Backpack, you will no longer have to worry about being robbed. Your goods will stay safe inside the bag.

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