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Nowadays, there are so many people who live in cities. They live, work, have fun, study, and even spend their time in some crowded areas. However, most of the people forget that there are so many thieves who may steal their wallet and smartphone while they do not bring a good backpack. Fortunately, they still have a chance to buy Bobby backpack that is known to be the safest bag which is designed by XD Design. Today, some of the workers, students, and youngsters in the UK bring this cool backpack whenever they go. What are the advantages of using a Bobby backpack anyway? Read these following features of XD Design backpack that will make you surprised.

Bobby Backpack has an anti-theft feature

The incredible feature that most of the travelers, students, and workers want is an anti-theft feature which you can only find on XD Design Bobby backpack. How can this bag save your items from thieves? Simply, it is all because Bobby backpack has an advanced design. If you see it closer, XD Design backpack is designed with hidden zipper. It means that nobody can reach the zipper from the back because it is really hidden. Another anti-theft feature is coming from the material used because the bag uses several layer coating with an anti-cut feature to protect your bag from ripping just in case a thief uses a knife to rip up your bag.

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Bobby backpack is designed with multiple pockets

Another cool thing that you can get from XD design Bobby backpack is the multiple pocket design. In this case, you will not realize that there are some special pockets inside the back. You can put your laptop inside the backpack. You can also put your smartphone inside, key, pens, wallet and etc. Meanwhile, you can also find some hidden pockets the outer part where you can place your credit card, ID, card, and other cards so you can grab them instantly. Overall, this XD design backpack is really suitable for students and workers who are dealing with papers and laptops and they will feel easier when using this backpack.

Bobby backpack is designed with waterproof feature

Well, if you live in a city that always rains every day, then you really need a bag which can protect your items from the rain. Of course, you do not have a choice, but you can buy Bobby backpack by XD Design if you want to get this feature. Now, you do not need to worry when you want to go home while it is raining because you just walk in the rain with your backpack and your papers will not get wet at all. After knowing this feature, you must be willing to buy this backpack and finally, you do not need to be afraid of the rain anymore.

Bobby backpack is designed with integrated USB charging port

Now, you can make your friends feel amazed at your backpack because your backpack can charge your smartphone. Well, this bobby backpack is also designed with an external USB charging port excluding a power bank. It will help you recharge your smartphone battery without taking out your power bank. Simply, you just connect the power bank to the internal USB port and then you connect the USB cable to the external USB port. Overall, this bag really looks cool and fantastic. Unfortunately, you do not get a free power bank when buying this backpack, but you can buy it alone.

Bobby backpack is designed with night safety feature

What is a night safety feature? You can imagine when you are riding a bike at night on a big road and then a car hits you from the back. It may not happen to you if you bring a Bobby backpack with you because it designed with night safety. How can it protect you? Well, there is an illuminant bar on the backpack that will be glowing when it is exposed to the light. So, car drivers will see the illuminant bars of your backpack and they will not hit you.

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Bobby backpack is designed with adjustable open angle

You may have difficulties when organizing your items in your old bag because you cannot open the bag wider. If you want to feel easy when you want to organize your items in a bag, then you must buy a Bobby backpack that has wider open angle up to 180 degrees. So, you can arrange the items well and put the items accordingly. In addition, this backpack also has large space so you can put so many items inside the bag. Overall, this backpack belongs to a multiple purpose backpack for anybody who wants it.

Bobby backpack is available in various colors

The last feature that you can get from a Bobby backpack is that you can choose your favorite color according to your wishes. There are some color options available such as grey yellow, yellow pink, gray-black, and black black. It is all your decision to pick your favorite color of the bag but all of the bags have the same features and functionality. Meanwhile, the design of this backpack is also compact and futuristic and you will love and feel confident when bringing this bag.

Finally, those are several features that you will get from a Bobby backpack from XD Design that is really cool and useful. Perhaps, you have never owned an anti-theft backpack before. Now, it is your time to buy XD Design bobby backpack to support your activities. You can go to school by bringing this backpack, go to campus, working, and traveling. Until now, there are so many people who have bought this backpack from all around the world. So, what are you waiting for? You can buy it online now. How much does it cost? Fortunately, this backpack is not too expensive, but it is more expensive than an ordinary backpack. Of course, it is all because you will get some important features that you can only find in this Bobby backpack.

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