Buying Bobby Bag to Get Incredible Features

Buying Bobby Bag to Get Incredible Features

Are you looking for a laptop bag? If you think that your laptop bag is too small, then you can try Bobby bag by XD Design. This is a cool and sophisticated bag that has a bigger size to bring your items including laptops, smartphone, wallet, headset, charger, power bank, and much more. This is not an ordinary bag that you can find in the market. But, this Bobby backpack is really special because of the features offered. You may wonder why this bag is so exclusive for anyone.

In a glimpse, you will see that this bag is just like a common bag, but it is actually more than just a bag. Most of the people in the USA and England prefer to use this bag to bring their stuff during the rush hour, business days and studying. This is a universal bag that you can use to save any items of yours. What are the features offered by this Bobby bag?

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Anti- Theft Feature

The first important feature that is embedded in the Bobby bag is the anti-theft feature to avoid any theft action during the rush hour when you bring your items. If you are afraid of thieves, this bag must be the best choice for it provides the anti-theft feature. The anti-theft feature lies on its material and designed use.

The original Bobby bag by XD Design is made from a strong material with several layers. One of the layers has an anti-cut feature in which you cannot easily rip it up using a sharp knife. It may leave only a scratch but your bag is still good. Another anti-theft feature can also be seen from its pocket design. Most of the bags have no hidden pockets, but Bobby backpack is the only bag that has some secret pockets in the front. Nobody realizes that you have some hidden pockets on your bag. You can use these pockets to save your smartphone and wallet in the bag.

Waterproof Material

If you are looking for a bag that has a waterproof feature, then Bobby bag by XD Design must be the best choice. It is true that this bag is designed specifically to able to resist water when you bring it under the rain. But, you have to remember to close the bag so that the water does not get inside the bag. The bag is designed with several layers that can make the bag stronger and thicker. This is one of the reasons why most of the people today prefer Bobby backpack to support their business activity.

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Adjustable Open Angle

Most of the backpacks cannot be opened in 180 degrees, but Bobby bag is the only bag that can do it. So, you do not need to worry if you cannot take the item from the bag because you can open the bag wider. You can open the back from 30 degrees up to 180 degrees according to wishes. You can put the bag on a table and let it stand to form 90 degree open angle. Thus, you will not find it difficult to take your tiny items from the bag because you can explore the entire corner of the bag.

Additional Luggage Strap

If you go abroad and you also bring your luggage with you, then you can attach the Bobby bag to your luggage because it is completed with an additional strap. So, you do not need to carry the bag

on your back and this will be really safe for your bag suppose you are afraid of thieves. Moreover, you can also carry the bag with your hand because there is also a small holder on the top part of the bag. So far, this Bobby backpack is a really incredible choice to accompany during your trip for business needs or holiday.

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Shock-proof Feature

You may be afraid of shaking when you bring your laptop in your bag, but when you use Bobby bag you will never experience this nightmare again. Since this bag is completed with a shock-proof feature, then you do not need to worry just in case your accidentally drop the back on the floor. This cool bag is actually equipped with a soft and thick material that make your items safe when you shake the bag.

Illuminant Lighting Feature

That must be really cool if you bring a bag that can glow in the dark. Well, Bobby bag by XD Design is specifically designed with this feature. This feature is really important to give safety to your during the night activity. There are some illuminant bars around the bag that can glow in the dark. It can really make you more secure when you ride your bicycle in the night to avoid an accident or collide from the back side.

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Weight Balance Feature

When you buy an ordinary backpack, you will feel more burden if you bring too many items because this bag may not have a weight balance feature. But, everything will be different when you bring Bobby bag on your shoulder because it has a weight balance feature that prevents you from feeling fatigue despite you carry the bag for a long time. Your shoulder will not get a pain on the shoulder anymore because the straps are really comfortable and soft. Besides, you can also adjust the main straps if you think that they are too short or too long.

Available in Some Color Options

The original color of this Bobby bag is actually gray, but you can still have some color options if you buy this backpack. Now, you can choose a Bobby bag with your favorite color. There are some colors like pink, yellow, blue, and black available to purchase.

So, do you want to buy this Bobby bag? If so, then you need to buy this cool backpack from the official store. Daybackpack is the trustworthy seller that you can visit if you want to buy it. For the details, you can actually visit the official website of Daybackpack to see their collections. You can also buy the bag directly from the store and they will be shipping your item after you complete the payment.

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