Bobby Bag

Do you travel a lot? But, who does not? If you do, you must have realised how important a reliable smart tool to carry your things. At least for someone who works from 9 to 5, they have to carry a laptop, phone, wallet, power bank, lunch box, notebook, and other necessities.

Bringing these valuable things could be really risky since pick pocket can happen just in a blink of an eye. And to surprise you more, at least 400,000 cases of pick pocket is reported each day. How about the ones that are not reported? Of course, you can not always bring a safe box everywhere.

bobby backpack blue

The need of a safe place to keep our things inspired XD Design, a dutch company to make an innovation as an answer to this problem. Have you heard about the Bobby Bag or Bobby Backpack? Or you just know the Bobby? Yes, even if you have not come to London you must know the police officer with round top hat called Bobby. Imagine how it feels to have an officer to keep your things safe? You don’t have to be guarded by the real one! This Bobby Bag is designed to replace the officer.

In London, at least 63% pick pocket incidents happen in the railway, which is a quite terrifying information for those who commute by riding a train. Bobby Bag was first released in London and needed no time to get the enthusiasm from many people. And that was just the beginning of the innovation.

The genius feature that made this bag as an anti-theft tool is on its zipper. In most bags, you can immediately see clearly where the zipper is, but not with this one! The zipper under lies behind the back of the bag. At the first sight people might thing that you are carrying an unlockable bag. It needs more than minutes to figure out how to open a Bobby Bag.

But didn’t we just said that Bobby bag is getting more popular? Don’t worry. Even when you know where the zipper located is, its hidden position makes it is hard for people to open it from any direction. There is only one direction to open this bag easily, which is from your side!

Beside the anti-theft feature, this bag also comes with other smart inovations that make your travel just got easier. Often get trouble with opening the bag and searching for your money or public transportation card? Say no more with Bobby bag. It has a special pocket right on your both arms to save your time.

theft proof backpack

Or you have to leave the bag alone for a while but afraid that your valuable things got stolen? Worry no more because the bag has some secret pockets under the bag and on the sides where you can keep them safely without being noticed or assumed by the thief.

Tired with the weight of your things but have no other way to deal with it? Tired to bend over and of the hurt waist and shoulder? This bag helps to reduce the tension by distributing the weight evenly to your back, not to press them all on your shoulder. You will feel 20% to 25% ligther than using the other bags. Wave good bye to the burden and hurt you have been feeling. There are 4 compartments inside the bag with different size and models to keep your things tightly.

Open the bag in three ways. Whether it is 30 degrees to slip your hand in the bag, 90 degrees to stand it, or 180 degrees to get the full access, all of your travelling needs can fit in the big yet not so extra bag. Tired of wearing the bag and having another suitcase? Attach the elastic bandage on the back of the bag to your suitcase, roll the wheel, and you are ready to go!

We know the disturbing feeling when our smartphone is in low battery and have to charge it with the powerbank. We should hold the big power bank and limited to do other actitvities. But that will not happen again with Bobby Bag. The XD Design Backpack has a USB port where you can place your power bank inside the bag on a special place, then it will be connected by the cable to your phone. Slip the phone on your pants and voila! Travelling just get more exciting than before.

Walking under the rain? Don’t worry! Your things will keep dry thanks to its water repellent material. The bag also comes with air permeability and anti-sweat feature. Drop your bag unintentionally? It has a 6 mili metres anti-shock foam layered both inside and outside with 300 / 600 D high-quality fabric material. In the very deep, there is cut-proof pp protection board. What could we ask more from a bag?

Are you a midgnight traveller? Then Bobby bag will definitely be your best buddy. It has some illuminant bars on the sides of the bag that has no dead angle. While wearing this bag, you can be seen from any direction within 100 metres. No worry to be hit by a vehicle and reduce the crime risks. Such a life saver!

anti theft backpack

Bobby bag is now a trending bag worldwide. First released in black and grey, now you can choose any color to suit your outfit or personality. There are choices from blue to yellow, green, and pink. The price of the bag is so affordable that you don’t only buy one before the price goes up and the fake ones are available everywhere.

If you are interested to make this anti-theft and smart bag as your backpack buddy, then you have found the right place. We offer Bobby bag with the best price and free shipping. Still in doubt? Read the reviews on our website to help you choose whether your valuable things worth this less than $70 backpack. Order now!