Bobby Anti Theft Backpack Review

Bobby Anti Theft Backpack Review

Bag is one important accessories that most people always carry everywhere. They can keep some valuable stuff there such as smartphone, wallet, laptop, and many more. Unfortunately, due to their value, there is a risk of being pickpocketed. Most bags have no features which can prevent such criminal action. If you are looking for bags that can ensure the safety of your goods, then take a look at Bobby anti theft backpack. To see more about this product, we have provided a review for you.

What Is Bobby Backpack?
Bobby is a special backpack designed by XD Design. This bag is not like other ordinary bags that people have been using. The difference is that it will make sure to protect your goods inside the bag. It is because this bag has anti-theft features.

Before we proceed to discuss further about the features, let’s learn the basic of the bag beforehand. Its dimensions are 6.5×11.8×17.7 inches, while the weight is only 1.9 pounds. Inside the bag, there are several compartments, including internal pockets. You can store various stuff inside such as mobile phone, vacuum flask, pens, and even 15.6-inch laptop.

bobby anti theft backpack

Bobby Compact Anti Theft Backpack Diver Blue

Bobby Backpack Key Features

Now let’s talk about its feature. There is a number of features from this bag you will find to be useful and practical.

1. It has several anti-theft features which will protect your belongings. First, it has hidden zipper that no thiefs can find it easily and even get inside the bag and steal your stuff. Second, it has several hidden pocket at the side and back of the bag. You can keep a wallet, passport, or phone here. Last, the materials used on the bag is cut-proof so thief will not be able to cut your bag that easy.

2. This bag has a night security. There are several bars at the back and sides of the bag which can illuminate. Its function is to make your travel safe at night time.

bobby anti theft backpackbobby anti theft backpack

3. Looking for an outlet to charge your phone? Then no need to look further because this backpack has an external charging port. You only need to insert a powerbank inside the bag and charge your device through the port.

4. By using this bag, you will not hurt your waist or shoulder thanks to its compartment mechanism that offers perfect weight balance.

5. You got a lot of sweats on your back? No need to worry about that since this bag is water-resistant.

The features above are only a few of them. It still has some more to interest you. And, you can find the rest once you own Bobby anti theft backpack.

Bobby Backpack Performance
There is no doubt that this backpack is quite functional. You can keep a lot of stuff inside, but it still feels lightweight when you are carrying it. The fabrics are really well-made too. Its resistances toward water and cut are undeniable. Furthermore, the ability to let us charge our device is certainly helpful. All in all, the performance of the bag is amazing.

bobby anti theft backpack

Final Verdict
Based on its features and performance, we cannot agree more that this is one bag that you must have. With this Bobby anti theft backpack, you will safer than ever wherever you are traveling.

bobby anti theft backpack

Bobby Compact Anti Theft Backpack

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