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Why Is Bobby Backpack So Special?

There are thousands of theft actions that occur nowadays. All of the thieves know the best time to steal some items from people’s bags. This commonly occurs because most of the people do not use good bags to store their items. In fact, they can still prevent it from happening if they bring such a […]

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XD Design Bobby – The Best Designed Anti-theft Bag

XD Design is a well experienced design company from the Netherlands. This Dutch Design brand runs offices all over the world for more than 30 now. Thus, it is guaranteed that their products are the best for their customers. Furthermore, they always consider customers’ comfort the best. One of XD Design’s most famous products is […]

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Bobby Anti Theft Backpack Review

Bag is one important accessories that most people always carry everywhere. They can keep some valuable stuff there such as smartphone, wallet, laptop, and many more. Unfortunately, due to their value, there is a risk of being pickpocketed. Most bags have no features which can prevent such criminal action. If you are looking for bags […]

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