Best Anti Theft Backpack

People said that pick pocket is the oldest kind of crime. That’s why the numbers could not go lower. Everyday there are more and more reported pick pocket incidents around the world, not to mention the ones that not reported! Or, maybe you were one of the victims?

Being a victim of pick pocket incident can be quite stressing. For example, when losing our wallet, we usually do not bring much money there, so we do not concern the money first. But everyone puts their identity cards inside the wallet! Not to mention the other important card names from some colleagues, the passport, the driving lisence, the health insurance card, and other extremely important things. Just by thinking to have remake it already consuming our time.

The other example, when losing our phone, it is not the phone that we value first. There are tons of important contacts, verifying messages, photos and videos that will not be able to recreate anymore, and other documents that we have spent days and nights to made, not to mention the private chat and applications!

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That’s why we need an anti-theft thing to carry our necessities safely, the anti-theft one. When it comes to an anti-theft thing, we must imagine something made from steel, strong, sturdy, and a robotic look. Especially for the bag, the safe box or deposit box must be the one thing we remember first. Of course, wearing it daily will not ease you to keep your things safely, but only terrifying your day and prevent you from doing other things.

In response to the high demand of anti-theft simpler container, a Dutch company, XD Design make an anti-theft backpack. But don’t expect this one looks like the safe box or robotic one! This best anti-theft backpack surprisingly looks just like any regular backpack. This best anti-theft backpack has a name, Bobby Backpack!

Bobby Backpack firstly created and marketed in London, but then spreaded world wide in no time that the XD Design has to open the factory in Shanghai. It looks like any regular backpack but wait until you see it clearly. Can you find where the zipper is? Right! That’s the idea.

It becomes the best anti-theft backpack by placing the zipper right hidden behind the back of the bag. Since any regular person can not identify the location of the zipper, any suspicious person can not figure out how to open your backpack and steal your things. Especially when it is their first time to see such backpack.

But how if the thief already knew about it? Still, it will be hard for them to open it from the direction that you can not see. But when you are the one who want to open it, it will be so easy for you. Plus, they use the YKK Zipper. You know, best anti-theft backpack comes with the best zipper.

The design is so simple and unisex. So, both men and women can wear this bag and worry no more about pick pocket incidents. You can go with any style, whether it is office, sporty, to trendy style. There were firstly only black and grey but now XD Design has been producing the bag with other color variants. Red, Coralette Pink, Primrose Yellow, Mint Green, Diver Blue, and Pastel Blue are available now, and more to come!

But what other features come with this stylish best anti-theft backpack?

First, since we use a backpack to travel a lot, that means we will need to take out the money or public transportation card often. How would you feel if you have to open your big backpack several times just to get this simple thing? Then Bobby Backpack has the solution by allowing you to keep it inside special quick access pockets both on the sides of your arms when wearing it.

Second, it is layered both upside and downside with a high quality 300 / 600 D fabric with 6 mm anti-shock foam in between. Plus, there is cut proof PP protection board in the deepest layer. Making you do not have to worry anymore when dropping or bump againts something. And the best thing is, do not having to worry about your documents or electronic get wet when walking under the rain. The material used is water repellent, anti-sweat, and has excellent air permeability.

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Third, it will be safe travelling under the moonlight. This best anti-theft backpack is equipped with some illuminant bars which can be seen within 100 metres from any direction thanks to its 360 degrees no dead angle characteristic. It means less danger because other road users can see you and minimize the chance of criminals to have some actions on you.

Fourth, it has a USB external charging port. You can put your however big power bank in the slot provided inside the bag, pull the cable, and connect it to your phone. Now you only have to hold the phone while your other hand can do other activity. Or you can slip your phone in your pocket to have your both hands.

Fifth, it has four compartments to fit everything you put inside. It is designed to be like that to distribute the weight of the backpack evenly to your back, not only pressing your shoulder down. It means no matter how long you wear it, you are pretty safe from the bending over, burden on shoulder, or hurt waist. You will also feel extra lighter about 20-25% comparing to other bags.

To store your things inside the bag, you can open the bag in three ways, which are opening it into 30 degrees, 90, or 180 degrees to suit the access you need. The bag comes with 450 mm height, 300 mm width, and 165 mm depth. Big enough to keep everything you need without looking too extra. When you are ready to go, just attach the elastic bandage on the back to your suitcase if you have one.

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