Anti Theft Travel Backpack

Travelling is supposed to be fun. But how can you get fun if you lost your valuable things? While travelling especially overseas, you must bring not only wallets but also important identities and documents such as ID card, passport, insurance, and others that you put together in a bag. That’s why you need an anti theft travel backpack.

As a traveller, you are a perfect target for pick pocketing actions since the thief knows that you must bring money and other valuable things. No wonder that only in Barcelona, more than 4 tourists got pick pocket accidents each day. It is just in Barcelona, how about the other parts of the world? At least 400,000 pick pocket incidents reported every day, not to mention the ones that not reported!


Many people try to deal with this situation by wearing the bag in front of them, but is it comfortable? If you are busy to protect your things, then how can you enjoy your “not so cheap” travelling moment? Fortunately, we have Bobby Backpack now!

You know the police with round top hat in London? As a city with thousands of tourists each day with busiest commuter in the world, 63% of pick pocket incidents in London happen in public transportation and public places. Even if London city is equipped with security camera, pick pocket can still be done by any chances. That’s why Bobby Backpack was first released in London as a kickstarter project. Turned out that many people love this bag, and the products have been using in all over the world.

bobby backpack compact


In the first sight of any backpack, you clearly can see the zipper and immediately know how to open it. But it’s not like that with Bobby Anti Theft Travel Backpack. The zipper lies behind the back of the bag which is even you know where the zipper is, there is no sufficient time for any thief to open it. It is pretty hard to open from the “outer side” but so easy for you, the wearer, to open it from your side.

But once you take the back pack off, and there is any chance of a thief to take your things, thanks to the hidden pocket, they will not find out easily. There are hidden pockets on the back, bottom, and sides of the bag where you can save your phone, passport, money, or other vital things safely.

And to enhance your mobility, the bag even has small pockets where you can put your public transportation cards, money, or e-money and take them easily without having to open your bag fully.


Safe is just one of the designer’s concern. This XD Design anti theft travel backpack is also designed with other ergonomically features. First, this backpack has 450 mm height, 300 mm width, and 150 mm depth. You could nearly store everything you need for travelling here! Documents and money? Check. Camera? Check. Powerbank? Check. Laptop for work in a while? Check. Some pieces of clothes? Check.

You can store your things by opening it in three ways. Whether 30 degrees to slip your hand in, 90 degrees to stand it perfectly, or 180 degrees to access it to the fullest, all you can do to maximize the backpack’s function. There are four compartments where you can store your things perfectly there and prevent them to moving when you move too.

With all the compartments, the weight of the bag is possible to be distributed in a way to reduce the burden on your shoulder. All of the weight will lean to your back closely, unlike other bags that pushing down the weight on your shoulder. Shall we say good bye to hurt waist and shoulder, and bending over?

You will feel lighter 20% to 25% with soft pad for the back, it means you does not feel tired quickly and can continue your journey! It is also comfortable to wear with its anti-sweat and air permeability features. Worry that you will tear your bag? Say no more with Bobby anti theft travel backpack. It is designed with 300D/600D high-quality fabric on the inside and outside and there is 6 mm anti-shock foam between them. On the most inside, there is also cut proof pp protection board, which make this bag cut proof and water resistant.

anti theft backpack

You have another suitcase? Just attach the elastic bandage on the back of Bobby Backpack to your suitcase, and ready to run with the wheels!


To enhance your comfort in travelling, we know that a phone can not be separated from you. But what is a phone without battery? That’s why everyone willing to bring and hold their heavy power bank everywhere. But, of course you will not be like them when using Bobby Backpack. Just slip your power bank and pull out the cable through the hole, connet your phone and voila! Your hands are free to do other activities.

Travelling over night? Don’t worry even without proper lighting around you. The bag has illuminant bar on the sides and back of it that everyone within 100 metres can see you clearly from any direction since it has no dead angles (360 degrees). No chance to be hit by a rider or driver, and reduce the crime opportunity.

bobby backpack

bobby backpack


We understand both men and women need this kind of bag. That’s why the design is unisex that you can go for it with any outfit. First only available in black and grey color, now to enhance your appearance while travelling we have added some more colours. Primrose yellow, coralette pink, pastel blue, red, mint green, diver blue, all of the colors could suit your personality. Do not miss your chance to get the best deals and free shipping worldwide.

Travelling has never been this safe, comfortable, and fashionable! With Bobby Anti Theft Travel Backpack, your journey will go to the fullest!